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Simple Design Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel Warmer

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The temperature outside continues to drop, but that doesn't mean your bedroom has to suffer the same frigid fate. While there are many appliances you can purchase to make your space a little warmer, there are several simple decorating tips that can make your bedroom seem cozier in the winter months.

If you're thinking about remodeling your bedroom, keep the following tips in mind to make your space as comfy as possible. 

Pick the Right Paint
According to HGTV, the color you choose says a lot about your room. Picking a warm shade can make your space seem much more inviting, as these rich colors can make a room seem significantly less chilly. Warm shades include browns, oranges, yellows and neutrals, from eggshell to beige. The source noted that you don't have to go with a darker choice - some light hues are quite comforting, such as pale yellow or khaki.

While red is also a warm color, it may not be the best selection for a bedroom. HGTV explained that the color can be overbearing on the eyes, especially as you're trying to sleep at night. Instead, opt for a muted orange or simple salmon.

Spring for a Stylish Headboard
Whether your bedroom is country chic or contemporary classic, look for a headboard that speaks to you. When placed at the head of your bed, these large decorations can take up a great deal of empty space on your wall, creating a more cozy feel for your room. Be sure to choose a board in a warm shade and match accompanying furniture to the hue. 

Choose Calming Curtains
As you're matching decor to your walls and furniture, it's important to pick a pair of curtains that has a bit of personality. Whether that means a set that features your favorite pattern or one that comes in a shade that complements your paint, your curtains can help create that inviting atmosphere that will surely keep you warm as you lie down to sleep. 

Big Bedding is Better Bedding
Those big, fluffy comforters are ideal for this time of year, as they not only keep you warm during those chilly fall nights, but the mere sight of those lofty lumps instantly makes your room seem cozier. Be sure to pick an equally soft blanket to place at the foot of your bed, such as a textured microplush heated blanket.