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8 Great Appliances for the Dorm Room

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Girls' nights, study sessions, movie dates, mid-afternoon naps - your dorm will be home to some of your favorite college memories over the next four years. As you're picking the perfect decorations to line your walls, it's equally important to invest in the right appliances, which can definitely make or break the remainder of your semester.

While you're back-to-school shopping this season, don't forget to pick up the following appliances for your decked-out dorm. Be sure to check with your school before you buy, though - some universities may have restrictions concerning electrical appliances. 

1. Heated Blankets
The temperature in your college dorm room may be as unpredictable as your professors' grading habits, but thankfully, you can stay well-stocked to prevent the cold from ruining your night. Keep your heated blanket handy, as it can keep your gals cozy during a gossip session or warm you up during those breezy autumn evenings. 

2. Iron
You never truly appreciate an iron until you find yourself without one. An iron is crucial for crafting that professional look, whether you're giving a big presentation in class or going to your internship.

3. Coffee Maker
It may be tempting to hit up that local cafe each morning, but those costs can add up over time. Consider investing in an auto shutoff coffee maker, an appliance that is acceptable at most institutions. 

4. Mini-Fridge
Most dorms not only allow mini-fridges, but they encourage them. These appliances are the perfect place to store your fruit, water and energy drinks, all of which are key to surviving that 8 a.m. class. 

5. Microwave
Many colleges are fine with microwaves, as long as they shut off automatically. After double-checking with your university, be sure to invest in a device that is as safe as it is durable. 

6. Humidifier
If you're prone to allergies - especially as the seasons are changing - a humidifier can quickly become your best friend. Pick a sleek and simple option that you can easily store under you bed.

7. Heating Pad
College athletes and klutzes alike can attest to the soothing powers of the heating pad. Ideal for headaches, cramps or muscle spasms, you'll be thanking your lucky stars for this appliance when you remember you brought it along.

8. Hand Vacuum
A bigger vacuum may come in handy if you've got a carpeted or large dorm, but a handheld option is a great way to keep your desk, bed and rugs tidy, especially if you've constantly got people coming in and out of the room.