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4 Ways to Ease Your Back Pain

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If you suffer from chronic low back pain, you're definitely not alone. In fact, Healthline reported that more than 85 percent of Americans are affected by this ailment at some point in their lives. There is no single certain solution to this problem, but the good news is that are many different methods that might be effective, depending on the source of the pain.

Try one or more of these methods and you're likely to reap some major relief.

Therapeutic Exercise
It may sound counter-intuitive, but getting some exercise may actually be helpful for reducing pain. According to Healthline, a Norwegian University of Science and Technology study revealed that two to three hours of moderate exercise per week lowered back pain by an average of 20 percent among both men and women. The source advised sticking with low-impact forms of fitness.

Susi Hately Aldous, owner of Functional Synergy, Inc. and best-selling author, told Everyday Health that yoga can unwind muscular tightness, improve body awareness and promote better breathing, thus inducing a relaxation response that fights tension.

According to Everyday Health, many physical therapists suggest performing aquatic exercises, which can minimize strain on your joints while offering both relaxation and strengthening of your muscles.

Restorative Sleep
Did you know that your quality of sleep can have a major impact on your back pain? reported that roughly two-thirds of patients reporting chronic back pain also suffer from sleep disorders. Inadequate rest puts you at higher risk for back pain because strained muscles are repaired and inflamed joints are soothed during sleep. That pain can then keep you up at night. To break the vicious cycle, the source suggested trying relaxation techniques, reduced caffeine intake, sticking to a healthy diet, getting adequate exercise and keeping a journal to get your worries down on paper.

Herbal Remedies
Recent research has emphasized that natural remedies are also worth considering for relieving back pain. Healthline noted that ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and therefore, may be beneficial for minimizing pain after any intense physical activity. You can simmer fresh ginger root slices in water for 30 minutes and enjoy it as an herbal tea.

Hot/Cold Therapy
You may be amazed at how helpful heat and ice can be in back pain reduction. By applying heat to your back, you can boost blood flow to the affected area, thus bringing in a flow of healing nutrients.

Dr. Grossman explained to Everyday Health that an ice pack or other cold therapy method is best for alleviating swelling and inflammation, while hot water bottles and heating pads work better for muscle spasms and cramps. Try slipping a back warming pad over your office chair for targeted therapeutic relief.