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How to Keep Warm at Football Games

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The temperatures keep dropping, but your devotion to your favorite football team has done nothing but grow over the past couple of months. If you've been to the stadium in the last few weeks, you've likely encountered some frigid conditions - whether you're battling cold seats, brisk winds or icy attitudes from the fans of opposing teams, keeping warm is one of your highest priorities when watching a game outdoors.

While the fiery passion you feel for your team will keep your blood boiling during the game, be sure to keep the following handy to ensure that the rest of your body stays warm throughout the match.

You Are What You Wear
You've got your lucky jersey, team toboggan and witty poster, but if you're trying to battle those brisk winds, you need much more than that. Layering is key to keeping your body warm, but it can be difficult to show off your team pride when outerwear is necessary. Instead of simply wearing your jersey or favorite team tee, put your preferred shirt over a long-sleeve shirt or jacket. Be sure to bring along headgear, gloves, scarves and heated blankets, as you'll want to wrap up while watching each quarter.

Keep Active in the Stands
You're not the one playing the game, but that doesn't mean you should remain stationary while watching. Healthline News reported that constant movement is necessary for keeping the blood pumping and increasing your core temperature - you'll be jumping up and down when your team makes that touchdown, but stand up and move frequently when you start to feel chilly. It's equally important to keep eating during the game. Opt for foods high in carbs, like trail mix and granola bars, that will keep you chomping and energized in the stands.

Bring the Heat
Some stadiums come with built-in heated seats or warmers in the stands, but chances are, you'll be spending the next several hours sitting on chilled metal slates. Instead of freezing during the football game, bring along your own Sunbeam® Heat to Go Portable Seat Warmer that can be easily carried, set up and enjoyed in cold weather. This seat is a life saver for those games that seem to go on for hours - when you want to take a break from standing or cheering, you'll be grateful for that warm cushion that will exude heat through your body during the match.