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Getting Rid of Fall Yard Work Aches and Pains

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While those falling leaves are as fun to look at as they are to step on, they're not going to clear themselves from your lawn. Unfortunately, along with the changing seasons comes the need to perform regular maintenance on your lawn, whether you're raking those leaves or cleaning the gutters.

Instead of having to work through those joint aches and muscle pains that may arise after your yard is clean, keep the following tips in mind to prevent these conditions from forming in the first place.

Your Preyard Workout
Before going outdoors and performing a physically rigorous task, it's important to stretch your arms and legs to ensure that the muscles are warmed up before you start moving around. The American Chiropractic Association reported that there are many stretches to complete before getting to work, as these exercises may make the work both safer and more enjoyable to perform. 

Mowing Without Moaning
Come winter, you'll be able to store that mower in your garage for the next three to four months, but during the fall, it's important to keep your grass trimmed before it gets too cold to cut. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reported that mowing presents a series of hazards to the individual, as swinging blades and steep inclines can further lead to injury if not properly prepared for.

The organization noted that people should wear shoes with good traction and keep the mower in tip-top shape to further prevent muscle pains, as these simple steps can help the person remain stable and safe while mowing.

Preventing Pain While Raking
When you're raking those leaves in the yard, you're working out your arms, legs and lower back - all three of which are susceptible to those aches and pains that can keep you couch-ridden for days. The ACA recommended taking frequent breaks while raking, as the constant vigorous movement can cause a great deal of strain when your body doesn't have a chance to rest.

Treating Aches After the Fact
While you can take measures to ensure that your muscles are prepared for your workout, some pains can't be avoided. If you have aches and pains after caring for your lawn, rest afterward so your muscles have time to recharge. If your back is acting up after you finish the yard work, be sure to use a heating pad specially tailored to caring for your lower back, like the Sunbeam® Hot and Cold Therabeads Pad.