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5 Things to Bring During Your Holiday Travels

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Whether it's over the river or through the woods, odds are, you've got some traveling to do this holiday season. In addition to packing your clothes and edible essentials, there are several items you should pack to make the physical journey a bit smoother.

Next time you're getting in the car or hopping on a plane, be sure to bring along the following to make the ride much more enjoyable.

1. Seat Warmer
As you're traveling through the colder temperatures, some of that chill will permeate into your transportation. To prevent these arctic blasts from hampering your holiday travel, bring along a portable seat warmer that can keep you warm without affecting your range of motion. The Sunbeam® Heat to Go Portable Seat Warmer is perfect for traveling, as it can be easily set or stored in a car, plane or train. Heated gel inserts can keep your seat warm for up to two hours, so be sure to take advantage of this heat while you can!

2. Small Pillow
A little cushion can go a long way during holiday travels. Small pillows can provide necessary support during those extended car trips or plane rides. Finding a pillow that can wrap around your neck is great for those trips where you have limited moving room, or those when your neck remains upright for a number of hours. 

3. Snack Packages
You may be on your way to the festive family feast of the ages, but you're probably going to get hungry on the way over. Consider packing along a few individually packed snacks to munch on while you travel. Try to stick with healthy snacks that can keep your energy levels high while you travel, like nuts, cereal or dried fruits. 

4. Low-Maintenance Games
If you're traveling with more than one person, games are critical - these simple additions can turn your trip from drab to delightful. Opt for games that don't have a lot of pieces, as these can get lost or lead to more complicated game play while in transit. Some of the best games are those that don't even require a board. 

5. A Killer Playlist
Your jams are going to get you through the next several hours, so select your songs with care. While you could leave it up to chance and trust in the radio or shuffle function of your music player, it's far more fun to create a playlist tailored to the trip at hand. If you're going on a voyage with a group of friends, it's important to get their contributions as well.