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5 Reasons Why Every Dorm Should be Equipped with a Heated Blanket

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As the holiday season comes to an end, college students are returning back to their universities to start the new semester. In addition to the various textbooks, approved appliances and meal plans they will purchase this January, students should be sure to pick up a plush heated blanket to store in the dorm.

There are a variety of reasons why students should keep these blankets handy, extending far beyond mere warmth and comfort. If you're moving back to the dorm soon, consider why you should bring along a heated blanket.

1. They're Perfect for Sharing
Do you have a habit of hosting movie nights in your room? If so, you already recognize the importance of having a welcoming atmosphere for your friends to enjoy. Your heated blanket can increase the comfort level of your room drastically, proving to be both a visually appealing addition and perfect tool for sharing with visitors. 

2. Stay Warm Throughout the Winter
Dorm rooms are notoriously cold, especially during the winter months. Stop hovering over your heater and start investing in items that will keep your body temperature high during those chilly evenings. Drape your favorite heated blanket over your comforter for optimal comfort and warmth, and you'll be forgetting all about those frigid outdoor conditions.

Wash away your winter woes with your heated blanket.

3. Match with Your Futon, Furniture or Friends
Heated blankets come in a variety of textures, colors and designs, meaning they can supplement nearly any decorations you already have in your room. Match your blanket to your furniture, wall color or bedding. When it's not in use, you can drape your blanket over the back of your futon or fold it over the end of your mattress. Either way, it will serve as a stylish addition to any room.

4. Stay Up All Night Studying in Comfort
Planning on pulling a few all-nighters this semester? Your heated blanket will be with you the entire time. Wrap yourself in a plush blanket while you study for that big exam, or spread out with your friends on a fleece blanket while you exchange class notes. 

Your heated blanket is ideal for late-night study sessions.

5. Forget About Relying on Your Roommate
You and your roommate probably agree on many things, but if the temperature isn't one of them, you're in luck. If your roomie runs hot, you may be used to an unusually chilly dorm room. Forget about relying on your roommate to adjust the temperature and take the matter into your own hands by using your heated blanket to stay warm.