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5 Reasons Why Cozy Spot™ is the Perfect Yankee Swap Gift

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Are you searching for the perfect gift to bring along to that Yankee Swap this holiday season? We've got you covered - the Cozy Spot™ Personal Warming Pad not only falls within your budget, but it also offers a wealth of benefits for all your friends. 

Get ready, because after your friends start fighting over this gift, they'll all be asking you where they can pick up one of their own. 

1. Works for All Ages
Whether you're attending a gift swap with friends your own age or relatives who are a bit older, the Cozy Spot™ Personal Warmer offers benefits for them all. From providing tailored pain relief to areas that are commonly affected by aches and pains to proving to be a fashionable heating accessory, this product is perfect for both Grandma and cousin Gary.

2. Fits in Your Budget
Have you set a budget for your Yankee Swap? No problem - the Cozy Spot™ Personal Heater won't run down your bank account. In fact, you'll likely still have room in your budget to buy another small gift for your holiday treat.

3. Comes in Different Colors
The Cozy Spot™ Personal Heater comes in a variety of colors, including purple, orange, black and blue. If your Yankee Swap group tends to lean toward the traditional, opt for one of these solid selections. For a funkier crowd, pick a product in a fun pattern, like one covered in tiger stripes.

4. Perfect for Winter Weather
In addition to providing pain relief for lower back or abdomen pain, this item is great for your friends who live in colder areas. While enjoying their favorite TV show, watching the snow fall through the window or reading a good book, the Cozy Spot™ Personal Heater can keep them warm and cozy in those chilly months. Added bonus? There are two pockets on either side of the product that are great for keeping their hands warm during any activity.

5. Travels Easily from Place to Place
Your lucky recipient can't decide whether to keep this item in the bedroom or the living room? Good news - they don't have to choose. The Cozy Spot™ Personal Heater can move easily between rooms in the house, making it the ideal accessory for using in the home office, bedroom or living room. Since the product sits easily on your stomach or back, you can keep it close under a blanket or set of sheets.