5X More Steam*


Channeling technology optimizes
performance as steam is evenly
distributed across the fabric, without losing suction power, making it easier to iron -
with 5X better steam coverage and requiring less effort. 

Superior Glide and Smooth,
Wrinkle-free Finish


Dimpling design of the Sunbeam® Aero Ceramic Iron’s soleplate provides a superior glide and smooth, wrinkle-free finish by reducing the friction between fabric and soleplate.

Ceramic Soleplate


The PTFE and PFOA free ceramic soleplate is scratch resistant and generates less static, making it ideal for synthetics and delicate garments

Vertical Shot of Steam


Allows the iron to function vertically as a garment steamer. When using vertical steam, hang clothing on a hanger for best results. Hanging curtain and drapes may also be steamed.

 3-Way Motion Smart Auto -Off


3-Way Motion smart technology automatically shuts iron off if left unattended or set in improper position

Shot of Steam


The shot of steam provides an extra burst of steam for deep penetration of stubborn wrinkles. You can use this feature while Dry or Steam ironing as long as the Fabric Select Dial is set to wool, cotton, or linen.

Anti Calcium


A permanent filter inside the water tank that helps to prevent accumulation of mineral deposits inside the iron, extending the life of the iron and improving its performance

Simply Reliable


3-Year lifetime soleplate limited warranty.