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Natural Ways to De-Stress

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There are some levels of stress that are natural, such as the pressure you feel before a big job interview or the anxiety that builds up during a traffic jam. However, when stress gets too much to handle, you shouldn't let it get in the way of your daily life. Instead, follow one of these natural options for de-stressing.

Heat Therapy
When deadlines, obligations and a busy schedule mount the stress deep into your tensed-up shoulders, it's time for soothing relief. Heat therapy is one of the best natural options to help ease tension and promote muscle relaxation. With the Sunbeam® Renue™ Tension Relieving Heat Therapy, you can gain relief as it delivers penetrating heat directly to the area that needs it most. The Renue™ Tension Relief Heat Wrap provides therapeutic relaxing heat and the weighted edges and unique shape allow for optimal comfort, convenience and security while you move around.

Heat therapy is a natural way to de-stress.Heat therapy is a natural way to de-stress.

And while fitting exercise into your day can be challenging, regular exercise can help alleviate the build-up of stress. The release of endorphins from from almost any type of exercise is known to relieve stress. Try some yoga stretches, an evening jog, or simply walking a few laps around the block as a way to de-stress and get your mind off of things.

Massage and Heat Therapy
Natural heat therapy products combined with massaging capabilities can be just what you need to de-stress after a long day. Experience this gentle and effective relaxation right in the comfort of your own home with the Sunbeam® Massaging Heating Pad. Delivering natural heat therapy in conjunction with the soothing power of massaging, this heating pad brings relief and comfort to any of your stress-induced aches and pains.