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What Is Aerial Yoga?

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It seems like every day a new trend in yoga or fitness is emerging onto the scene. Also known as antigravity yoga, aerial yoga is one of the newest forms of fitness that people are rolling out their mats for. Created by a former Broadway performer and gymnast, this trend combines Pilates, yoga and dance. 

Fun and Creative
If you ever wanted to be a circus acrobat as a young child, this is your chance! Aerial hammocks hanging from a set of hooks in the ceiling create a fun, active environment for yoga classes. Hanging from the hammock allows you to perform moves that would not be possible if you were stationary on the ground, which can be quite exhilarating. Hanging from mid-air also changes things up and allows you to see things from a new perspective.

Boosts Your Mood
Many believe that yoga relieves stress and helps you focus on positive energy. Not only is aerial yoga a fun physical activity, but it's also a great place to meet new friends, relax and take your mind off of other things. Leave a class feeling refreshed, energized and ready to take on the day.

Aerial yoga combines Pilates, dance and the use of a hammock.Aerial yoga combines Pilates, dance and the use of a hammock.

Strength and Balance
The classes are typically not too difficult and aerial yoga incorporates the use of all parts of the body. It can be good for strengthening your muscles and helping with your center of balance. With the help of the hammock, there is not as much stress on your body. You can move more freely and gain a wider range of motion, helping to make your back more comfortable.

Have an Open Mind
Whenever you are trying something new, it is best to approach with an open mind. Aerial yoga may be far different than what you expected or it may be exactly what you were looking for. Follow the instructions of your instructor and be ready to learn something new.