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How To Stay Toasty Warm While Trick-or-Treating

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The leaves are falling, the candy has hit the shelves and the pumpkin carving has begun. It's officially Halloween season. It's also that time of year when the hours of sunlight each day are dwindling down and the evenings become crisp and cool. For all of you trick-or-treaters out there, that means that the big night could be a cold one. Staying warm while running around the neighborhood for candy is important for a safe and enjoyable Halloween. Here are tips for staying toasty warm while trick-or-treating:

Prepare To Get Wet
It's not uncommon for rainfall to hit many parts of the country during this time of year. Once you get wet, you are going to be cold, so it's always better to be prepared. One way to keep your costume dry is to spray the entire outfit with waterproofing spray. Capes and hooded jackets are great to wear under a costume and will blend in better than a raincoat. If you really want your costume to show through, purchase a clear plastic poncho that you can wear over your entire outfit. It will keep you dry and ensure that your costume is still visible.

Wear Layers
The biggest problem with dressing warm for Halloween is that it disrupts people's costumes. If possible, plan ahead and prepare a costume that is slightly large for you. That way, you have extra room to layer up underneath with long sleeved shirts, sweaters or warm gear. Wearing more than one layer gives you the option of removing one if you begin to feel too warm. Making sure that your feet, hands and ears are covered is another way to ensure that you remain warm.

It's important to dress warm and comfortably for trick-or-treating.It's important to dress warm and comfortably for trick-or-treating.

Take a Break
If temperatures are colder than normal this Halloween, it would be wise to take frequent breaks indoors. Stepping out of the cold to warm up in your own home or at a neighbor's house is a good way to keep your body temperature where it should be. Returning home also gives you the option of grabbing an additional layer or coat if need be. If at any point in the night you begin to shiver, you should go inside and warm up immediately.

Bring a Thermos
If you plan to be out walking for an extended period of time this Halloween, bring a thermos of hot coffee, tea or cider with you. Having the hot beverage is one way to feel cozy and warm yourself up without having to go inside.