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How To Cozy Up in Style This Fall

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Once the first frost hits and the temperatures really start to drop, people immediately break out their heavy winter boots and jackets. Just because the hours of sunlight are getting shorter each day, that doesn't mean you have to compromise your style. In fact, fall may just be one of the most fashionable seasons out there. Here are five ways to stay cozy and stylish this autumn:

Infinity Scarves
The variety of scarf styles seems to expand every year, but no matter how much they change they will always be one of the coziest fall accessories. Long, flat scarves in prints or solids are a classic way to stay comfortably warm during the colder seasons. Take your outfit to the next level with an infinity scarf or a snood. Both are large, fluffy and easy to throw around your neck. Not only are these two types of scarves stylish, they also double as a face protector for those extra chilly mornings!

Ponchos and Chunky Sweaters
The cable knit sweater is back. Although chunky sweaters may seem bulky, they're back as one of the top looks in the fashion world. Paired with leggings or skinny jeans, large sweaters are one of the cutest ways to stay warm this season. Not only will you feel as cozy as if you were wrapped in your favorite comforter but you'll be making a statement as well. The poncho is another essential piece for looking stylish this season. It allows for layers underneath and also looks great with a belted waist.

Stay cozy and stylish this fall with a beanie and infinity scarf.Stay cozy and stylish this fall with a beanie and infinity scarf.

Faux Furs
Adding a piece of faux fur to your wardrobe may in fact be the best way to stand out in the crowd and stay warm. It doesn't get much cozier than a faux fur scarf, vest or jacket and with a simple outfit or basic dress underneath, you'll be ready to hit the runway - or the supermarket - in style.

Seat Warmers
Half of the battle to keeping cozy and stylish this fall is staying warm during your daily commute. If you're one of the thousands of people who take your own set of four wheels to work each day, you're in luck. Without having to brave the brisk, windy city streets or the crowded trains and buses, you can control the temperature of your own vehicle. For even more comfort and warmth, invest in your own seat warmer. Forget having to wear your big bulky jacket during your drive, with your heated seat warmer you'll stay toasty all the way to your office!

Hats and Beanies
For men and women alike, the beanie is a classic go-to for keeping your head and ears warm in the cold weather. The slightly slouched beanie is versatile enough for the city streets or the ski mountain. Opting for a solid color will make it an easy addition to any outfit but if you want to brighten up an already dark seasonal outfit, add a bit of pop to your look with a bright-colored beanie.