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The Best Book Genres to Cozy Up With This Season

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After the hustle and bustle of the summer to fall transition, things have finally started to slow down before the holiday season kicks into full swing. Now is the perfect time, not to mention the perfect kind of weather, for getting cozy on the couch with a good read. Take advantage of the lull between holidays, the cool and crisp weather and get comfortable with your favorite romance novel or murder mystery.

Science Fiction and Fantasy
Many popular fantasy books from the past decade have turned into big time movies, yet there's nothing better than the original story from the book. Science fiction novels will keep you up long past your bedtime, pulling you into the mystifying world of fantasy. Often times, these are the kind of books that are impossible to put down.

Perhaps one of the absolute best book genres for whisking you away into another time or place is travel. While you may be stuck on your couch as the leaves are falling outside, opening up a travel novel will have you believing that you are exploring the remote islands of Southeast Asia, climbing the world's highest mountains or indulging in the delicious local food of a new culture. Getting lost in the pages of a distant land will no doubt stir up your own desire to hit the road.

Fall is the perfect time to get cozy with a good book.Fall is the perfect time to get cozy with a good book.

Memoirs and Autobiographies
Memoirs and autobiographies are often the material that make for the most moving stories. Real life accounts of heroic acts, tragedy or triumph really help relate to the main character, feeling all of their pain, excitement, sadness and happiness. This season is a great time to read about the incredible, or ordinary, lives of others. Finished before the holiday season, memoirs make great holiday gifts.

Mysteries and Thrillers
The best part about mysteries and thrillers is the suspense that they present - you never know what the next chapter might bring. Getting cozy with a well-written, intense mystery will have you trying to solve the crime or crack the case from the first page all the way up until the last one.

Poetry Books
For some light reading by the fire after a long day at the office or running around with the kids, settle into a book of poems. Inspiring, funny and thought-provoking, poetry is an often over-looked genre when it comes to books.