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Bring the Comfort of Home to Your Next Football Game

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Just because the temperatures are starting to drop doesn't mean that football attendance has to. True football fans are there rain or shine, day or night. In fact, cold temperatures, hot drinks and excited fans make for some of the best conditions in a lively, high-spirited football game. No matter how frigid the weather conditions may be, there are still ways to bring comfort and warmth to the stadium.

Pack the Grill
To enjoy the best pregame meal, don't forget to load the grill into the back of your car and bring all of your favorite spices and sauces. Arrive to the game early and set up tables, chairs and appetizers for your big group of fans to enjoy. Prepare several of your family's favorite side dishes to serve with the main meal of burgers, hot dogs, chili or sandwiches. The tasty home cooked meal will make you and your family feel as though you're enjoying it from the comfort of your own dining room.

Layer Up
Football games at this time of year can get cold, especially if it's a night game. The best way to feel optimal comfort all the way through the end of the fourth quarter is to bundle up and wear layers. With layers, you always have the option of removing one if you get too warm. However, if you don't have enough layers to begin with, it's difficult to add another one. Bringing a blanket adds an additional layer of warmth. Bring one that's big enough for several people to share. Hats, gloves and scarves are must-haves as well.

When the temperatures start to drop you'll be prepared to brave even the coldest football games.When the temperatures start to drop you'll be prepared to brave even the coldest football games.

Make Yourself Comfortable
Staying comfortable is the key to fully enjoying an entire football game. In addition to layers, bringing a hot thermos of cider, coffee, tea or any other hot drink will be the perfect treat to open up and enjoy during halftime. When the temperatures really start to drop and the games get snowy, hand and foot warmers are a smart thing to have with you. Additionally, you'll want to have a comfortable seat for the duration of the game. Bleacher and stadium seats are often far from the cozy couch you sometimes watch the game from at home. However, if you pack your portable seat warmer, you'll have the best seat in the house.