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4 Black Friday Shopping Ideas to Add to Your List

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Each year throngs of shoppers race to the nearest stores on the day after Thanksgiving, sometimes as early as 4 a.m., creating lines out the door before the stores have even opened. These eager consumers have the right idea - they know where all the best deals are at. Here are four Black Friday shopping ideas to add to your list:

1. Large and Comfy Pillows
Pillows serve a number of uses. In your living room, bright and fun throw pillows are aesthetically pleasing. They add a pop of decorative color and enhance your couches, chairs and other furniture. Larger bedroom pillows, especially of higher quality threads and fabrics, can often be expensive but they're essential for a comfortable night's sleep. Black Friday is the perfect time to check out the bedding department of all of your favorite online shopping sources. Stock up on throw pillows, bed pillows and even body pillows.

2. Blankets and Comforters
You can't have a warm and cozy home without a solid supply of blankets and comforters. It's essential to keep an easily accessible chest of blankets and throws in your living room for your family and guests to take advantage of while reading, watching a movie or relaxing on the couch. If you really want to kick things up a notch, invest in a heated throw or heated blanket this year. They'll be extra soft and keep you warm on the coldest of winter days.

Black Friday is the perfect time to find deals on heated blankets and throws.Black Friday is the perfect time to find deals on blankets and throws.

3. Massaging Chairs and Pads
There's nothing like coming home after a long day of work and sinking into your reclining chair. What would be even better however, was if that reclining chair was also a massage chair. Keep your eye out for big sales on massage chairs this Black Friday. And if you'd still like a massage product but don't want to splurge on the chair, why not keep an eye on the sales for massaging heating pads and wraps? You'll be sure to find a deal or two.

4. Televisions
Everyone knows that one of the best deals of all on Black Friday is the sales on televisions. Even if you're not in the market for a new one right now, you may have a son or daughter leaving for college next year or a friend who is moving into a new apartment. No matter who you're shopping for, Black Friday deals on TVs are usually worth a look.