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Spring Break Movie Binge: 6 Movies to Usher in the New Season

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Some people will spend their spring breaks on the beach, others will be visiting family, and some will use the time off to complete homework and prepare for wrapping up the end of the academic year.

Whether you're venturing into the wild outdoors or bunking in your home for a well-deserved week of rest, you'll likely be searching for good movies to enjoy during your downtime. Consider viewing one of the following movies, some of which are coming to theaters soon and others that will be released on DVD or Blu-ray in the spring. 

1. 'The Divergent Series: Insurgent,' in Theaters March 20
Shailene Woodley stars in the highly anticipated sequel to "Divergent." In this film, Woodley must learn to live in post-apocalyptic Chicago, battling both the corrupt new government and haunting memories of her past. 

Image via Instagram, @divergentImage via Instagram, @divergent

2. 'Into the Woods,' on DVD/Blu-ray March 24
Fan of fairy tales? "Into the Woods" provides an unconventional spin on the stories from your childhood, from "Cinderella" to "Jack and the Beanstalk." Be sure to have the tissues handy, as this musical will have you reaching for them by the end. 

3. 'The Imitation Game,' on DVD/Blu-ray March 31
The nonfiction account of Alan Turing and his development of a Nazi-fighting supercomputer received a great deal of critical acclaim. Nominated for eight Academy Awards - nabbing one for Best Adapted Screenplay - this film is not one to miss. 

4. 'Interstellar,' on DVD/Blu-ray March 31
Turn your home into a mini-movie theater before watching this visually stunning film from Christopher Nolan. Get out your heated blanket, a bag of fresh popcorn and a box of your favorite candy.

5. 'Avengers: Age of Ultron,' in Theaters May 1
The sequel to Marvel's "Avengers" comes out this May, and it's already garnered a significant amount of hype. Use your spring break to binge on the films that precede this one, including the "Iron Man" trilogy, the first "Avengers" and "Guardians of the Galaxy." Don't be ashamed to let your nerd flag fly during the premier - dress up and you'll surely fit in among the crowd.

Image via Instagram, @pitchperfectmovieImage via Instagram, @pitchperfectmovie

6. 'Pitch Perfect 2,' in Theaters May 15
Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are back in the sequel to the surprise smash "Pitch Perfect." Forced to rebuild their reputation after an embarrassing incident in front of the president, the Barden Bellas must compete against some of the best a cappella groups in the world.