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How to Store Winter Bedding

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This winter was certainly one for the books, with many areas across the U.S. reporting record-breaking levels of snow and low temperatures. That means you probably brought out all the stops this season - your bedroom is likely lined with fleece sheets, heated blankets and throws your grandmother knitted for you several years ago.

So now that it's getting warmer, what do you do with all those blankets?

Chances are, that bulky bedding isn't all going to fit in your linen closet. Try one of the following methods to ensure that your blankets, throws and comforters remain organized and safe through the seasons.

Store your winter bedding during the warmer seasons.Store your winter bedding during the warmer seasons.

Find a Storage Space
Whether it be your basement, your attic, your linen closet or under your bed, you need to find a suitable space to keep your blankets safe in the warm weather. Before you can find the best space, you need to make an inventory of your bedding. How many comforters will you be storing? Are your blankets made from different materials? Which throws will you want in the fall and which can wait for more extreme cold temperatures?

"Divide your winter bedding by type and material."

Once you've divided your bedding by type and material, you can designate spaces. Keep larger items like bulky comforters and dense heated blankets at the bottom of linen closets or under beds where you won't need them for eight to 10 months. 

Use a Vacuum Sealer
For blankets you plan on storing for months on end, you need to find a storage method that will keep dust from collecting, moths from feasting and stains from forming. Keep bedding in plastic containers if you have the space, but if you're short on places to store blankets, use a vacuum sealer to minimize your items' size. These appliances can be lifesavers when you're trying to store many blankets in the same area.