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3 Fictional Apartments to Model Your Home After

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Television series chronicling the lives of adults struggling to live in big cities often get scrutinized for how apartments are decorated beyond characters' living means. While these living spaces may seem unrealistic, many fictional spaces offer valuable decorating ideas for any adults looking to spruce up their apartments.

Next time you're redecorating for the season, try channeling one of these fictional spots to make the most out of your apartment.

1. Monica and Rachel, 'Friends'
Purple walls, French paintings and mismatched dining chairs - what's not to love about this welcoming space from the ever-popular series "Friends"? While the apartment goes through many changes over the course of the show - with residents and furniture items shifting on a seasonal basis - avid fans recognize certain staple decorations they can bring to their own homes with little cost.

The most iconic piece from the set is undoubtedly the gold frame that encompasses the peep hole on Monica's door. Replicate this decoration by buying an ornate frame, either from an art store or thrift shop, spray painting it gold and placing it on your own door.

2. Jess & Friends, 'New Girl'
Jess has an affinity for knitted goods, bedazzled handbags and antique furniture. While you may not share her love of knitting or purses, you can appreciate her seasoned eye for picking out quality pieces from thrift shops and flea markets. If you've found a vintage couch or armchair that you want to add your own flair to, drape a plush heated blanket over the top and add a few decorative pillows - your guests will be impressed with your fancy living room display. 

Image via Instagram, @newgirlonfoxImage via Instagram, @newgirlonfox

3. Ted Mosby, 'How I Met Your Mother'
Ted's apartment may have been filled with a collection of random trinkets, but there are a few things to learn from his space. The biggest and best tip from Ted's apartment is color - shades of red, brown and green all melded to create a vibrant space for all his friends to congregate each day. 

Search for simple ways to add pops of color to your apartment. Accent pillows, glass vases and stylish lampshades can do the trick, especially if your apartment is cloaked in simple or neutral shades. Follow in Ted's footsteps by making the focal point of your room your favorite colored decoration. You may not have access to a blue French horn, but you can find an equally stunning piece for your space.