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Top Places to Nap This Summer

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During the summer, you're outside far more often than any other season. You're also typically more active, in between beach outings, spontaneous softball games and midday runs. With all of that extra activity, you're bound to need a nap or two. But where should you go? There are many options for optimal napping comfort. Here's where you can kick back and relax to recharge your batteries.

Kick back and relax on a hammock.Relax on a hammock.

The Hammock
What's not to love about the gentle rocking of an outdoor hammock? You get to experience the warmth of the summer air and catch a nice breeze under the shade of a tree when you post up in one of these makeshift beds. Grab a pillow for extra head and neck support, and kick back.

On a Pool Float
If you're fortunate enough to have a pool, you have to make sure you get the right equipment for it. This means stocking up on floatation devices for those times you want to take a nap while also working on your tan. Get one that's oversized so you have enough room to comfortably stretch out without the threat of toppling over during your REM stage of sleep. Plus, you can drape your leg over the side so your foot is submerged in the cool water. 

"Grab your biggest blanket and lay it down outside."

On a Blanket in the Grass
If you don't have a pool but still want to get bronzed while you power nap, simply take to the field. Grab your biggest blanket and lay it down on a soft patch of grass. You'll need a small pillow or cushion to rest your head, and be sure to clear away any large rocks before laying down your blanket. Nothing ruins naptime faster than an uncomfortable object poking through your bed. 

In a Fort of Blankets and Pillows
The humidity and scorching temperatures of the summer might not make for the best sleeping conditions. If that's the case, head indoors where you can find relief in the form of a fan or air conditioner and get to napping. Rather than simply crawling into bed, you might want to make it more exciting and throw some pillows and blankets on the floor to make your very own napping shelter. Just because you're an adult, it doesn't mean your sleeping habits need to be boring. You're never too mature to appreciate man-made fort.