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What Your Sleep Position Says About You

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Ever wondered if your subconscious manifested itself in your sleeping position? Turns out, the way in which you doze off each night may be a good indication of a few of your personality traits. Whether you're accustomed to curling or a seasoned sprawler, your sleep habits can speak volumes.

Flat on the Back: The Classic

Some scientists believe this is the best position for your back.

When it comes to your physical health, sleeping on your back may be best. According to Health magazine, this position is ideal for preventing back pain, as it keeps your head, neck and spine in a safe position throughout the night. If you're living with chronic back pain, try sleeping on your back with your hands to the side. 

Looking for even more relief? Sleep on a heated mattress pad - since your back is pressed against the product all night long, you'll get full heated coverage for those painful spots.

Sprawled Across the Bed: The Creative

Are you a starfish sleeper?

If you prefer to sleep in a position that's out of the box, chances are, you like to think the same way. The Better Sleep Council noted that these individuals are often considered outgoing as well, though they are not often susceptible to criticism. When it comes to physical well-being, Health magazine noted that sleeping on your stomach is one of the worst positions for your back, as it causes strain on the neck and unnatural pressure on the spine. 

The Fetal Position: The Sensitive Soul

Researchers believe those who sleep in fetal position are more sensitive than others.

According to The Better Sleep Council, more than 41 percent of people sleep this way, making fetal position the most common sleeping form. These individuals are often regarded as sensitive and intuitive, whether they prefer curling up with a large comforter or clutching one of their pillows. While this position is not ideal for back health, it's better for the body than sleeping on your belly.

Sideways Stance: The Life of the Party

Sleep on your side? You're not alone.

Another common way to sleep is on your side - whether you sleep with your arms outstretched or keep them by your side, this position is beneficial for your spine's health. The Better Sleep Council reported that people who sleep like this are often the most social by nature, acting as both good listeners and considered to be incredibly trustworthy.