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How to Create a Cozy Atmosphere in Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary. For the most restful night's sleep, you want to get some shut-eye in a cozy atmosphere that's conducive to catching those zzz's, so think about these five ways you can upgrade your sleeping space in 2015.

1. Set Out Some Candles
Candles can not only improve the aesthetics of your room, but certain scents have been linked to much better sleep cycles at night. Researchers have linked the scent of lavender to decreased blood flow, reduced stress levels and increased relaxation. The National Sleep Foundation found in a survey that 71 percent of people sleep better when exposed to a fresh scent at night. Consider lighting a few candles an hour before bed, then blowing them out before you hit the hay.

Lavender is the best bed buddy for sleep.

2. Lower the Temperature
Cooler temperatures have been scientifically proven to contribute to better sleep, so set the thermostat low and warm up with a heated mattress pad that will keep you cozy while you dream.

3. Don't Clutter the Walls
When it comes to making your room cozier, try not to clutter all of your free space with accessories, ornaments and hanging items that will cover every square inch of blankness. Too much stuff can make the walls seem busy and uninviting, so opt for two to three decorations to spruce up the room. 

"The Better Sleep Council recommended upgrading your mattress every seven years."

4. Revamp Your Mattress
The Better Sleep Council recommended upgrading your mattress every seven years. If you're looking to revamp a younger mattress, but don't want to purchase an entirely new one, find bedding that will make the area much more comfortable at night. This can include a plush mattress pad and a fresh set of sheets, as well as a recently flipped mattress.

5. Invest in Cozy Curtains
Another way to up the cozy factor of your room is to buy curtains made from a sturdy material. These additions will not only make the room seem more inviting, but they can block out natural light that may impede your sleep in the morning.