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5 Signs You're a Sleep Diva

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People have varying definitions of the word "diva." While some have negative views of the word, most know that divas are just people who know what they want at any given moment. And when it comes to sleeping, divas have many stipulations that must be in place before they can drift off at night.

Think you may be a sleep diva? If you exhibit one or more of these signs, you may find yourself in this camp. But fret not - several of these factors are not only common, but also illustrative of healthy habits that contribute to more restful sleep. 

Sleep divas must have a few things in place before drifting off.

1. You Hog the Covers
Are you guilty of swiping the sheets at night? You're not alone. Many of us enjoy wrapping ourselves in our favorite comforter for the most successful sleep possible. This normally doesn't present an issue, unless you're sleeping with a partner. If you find that you're constantly leaving your significant other in the cold, consider investing in a second blanket for him or her.

2. Comfort Comes First
Quality is one of the most important factors for sleep divas when they're picking out their blankets. Forget flimsy comforters and static sheets - sleep divas prefer plush heated blankets that will help contribute to a higher comfort level throughout the night.

"Research has shown that eye masks and earplugs can have a significant impact on your quality of sleep at night."

3. You Need to Sleep on Your Side
Researchers have found that the majority of people in relationships have their own side of the bed. If you find yourself steadfast in your bed side selection, you may be a sleep diva ... but you're not the only one!

4. The House Needs to Stay Quiet
Do you have a list of specifications that dictates whether you'll be able to fall asleep? Divas often have specific factors that must be in place before they can sleep, but so do light sleepers. Either way, studies have found that quiet, dark environments are more conducive to better sleep, so don't be shy about making these bedtime requests.

5. You Need Your Eye Mask
According to a study published in the journal Critical Care, eye masks and earplugs can have a significant impact on your quality of sleep at night. Both eye masks and earplugs can help eliminate factors that may impede your sleep cycle, like light and noise.