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How Your Feet Control Your Sleep

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From the room temperature to the color of the walls, there are a variety of factors that may affect your sleep. Whether you realize it or not, it turns out your feet can have a significant impact on your entire body's temperature and, in turn, how deeply you sleep each night.

Some people prefer to sleep with socks while others enjoy keeping their toes outside the covers, but which is better when it comes to the quality of your nighttime rest? 

Shroud your feet in warmth for better sleep.Shroud your feet in warmth for better sleep.

Warm Feet = Better Sleep
Researchers from the U.S. to Switzerland have found that warm feet are more likely to cause deeper sleep at night. One study, compiled by sleep professionals in Switzerland and published in the journal Nature, detailed that adults whose feet were warm at night fell asleep much quicker than those who had cooler toes. Researchers noted that the warmer temperatures improved the blood flow in the feet, causing blood vessels to expand and heat loss to increase - both of which have been scientifically linked to faster and deeper sleep.

"The ideal sleep temperature is 65 degrees, according to the National Sleep Foundation."

External Cool Temperatures Help, Too
Keeping your feet warm can lead to better sleep, but that doesn't mean you need to sleep with the heat on. In fact, sleep researchers have noted that cooler room temperatures are much more conducive to deeper sleep cycles than warm ones. The National Sleep Foundation recommends keeping the bedroom around 65 degrees, as this temperature has been linked to the most successful sleep. The organization noted that altering your room temperature may even help fight against insomnia or other prevalent sleep-related conditions.

Ways to Warm Your Feet at Night
So how are you supposed to keep your room cool but your feet warm? Well the answer is pretty simple - try one of these tactics to keep your feet cozy in the cold.

  • Sleep in Socks: This simple solution can further increase blood flow in your feet, as the compression can affect your vessels. 
  • Use a Targeted Heating Pad: If you're trying to keep your toes warm at night, invest in a mattress pad that will stay at the bottom of your bed. Try the Sunbeam® Comfy Toes Heated Mattress Pad, which sits at the foot of the bed.
  • Have an Extra Sheet: If you've got an extra top sheet lying around, fold it up and allow it to cover your feet only - this way, you've got targeted warmth on your toes while the rest of your body remains cool.