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How Do Your PJs Affect Your Sleep?

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Some individuals place a great deal of care into picking out and purchasing the perfect pair of pajamas, while others are content dozing off in the T-shirt they bought from the beach three years ago. You may not realize it, but the material from which your PJs are made can have an impact on the quality and duration of your sleep cycle.

If you've ever wondered how your PJs are really affecting your sleep, consider four of the most popular forms of sleep attire and how they impact you throughout the night.

"Sleeping in wool pajamas can keep your internal temperature regulated while you sleep."

Wool: Improves Quality of Sleep by Regulating Internal Temperature
During the winter months, wool and flannel become two of the most popular materials among people trying to stay warm. Chances are, if you live in a chilly area, your home is well-stocked with wool socks, flannel shirts and heated fleece throws. Researchers have found that wool can have an impact on a person's physiology, noting that the material can contribute to greater internal thermal control and improved blood flow - both of which can contribute to deeper sleep at night. These thicker materials are ideal for colder environments, as they can regulate temperature and keep the body warm.

Cotton: Breathable, Cost-Effective and Easy
Found in PJs, sheets, mattresses and comforters, cotton remains one of the most popular materials employed in your nighttime routine. Turns out, its popularity is justified. This fabric is both comfortable and breathable, making it the perfect choice for summer nights or hotter sleep environments. The National Sleep Foundation noted that comfort is one of the most important factors to consider when adapting your sleeping space, as dozing off shrouded by uncomfortable materials can keep you tossing and turning all night, preventing you from getting the rest you need. Cotton can also keep you from overheating at night, which could cause further disruptions to your REM cycle, like sweating or moving.

Silk pajamas can keep your skin healthy while you sleep.Silk pajamas can keep your skin healthy while you sleep.

Silk: Ideal for People with Sensitive Skin
Sleeping in silk may make you feel like royalty, but the material can have a profound impact on your skin's health. Since the fabric is so light, it can prevent overheating and sweating, both of which can cause dirt and grime to clog the pores. Researchers have also noted that sleeping on silk - including pillowcases, sheets and PJs - can prevent wrinkles from forming and allow the surface of the skin to breathe much more easily than it could when surrounded by other materials. 

All Natural: Deeper Sleep for Those Who Run Hot
Did you know that about 8 percent of the population sleeps in the nude? While the majority of Americans prefers sleeping in pajamas, there are quite a few benefits that stem from sleeping without clothing - specifically when it comes to the quality of your rest. Sleeping in this manner allows your skin to have greater contact with the fabric of your bedding without forcing your body to manage materials that can become bunched, scrunched or loose. This may prevent disturbances in the night that could disturb your sleep, like becoming overheated or needing to adjust PJs.