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Decorating Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

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Spring is just around the corner, which means it'll soon be time to break out your warm weather wardrobe, rearrange your furniture and clean out areas around the home. But chances are, you're still going to be dealing with wintry weather for a few more weeks - maybe months, if you live up North.

Keep your head high and your heated blankets warm, because there are a few decorating tips you can follow now to get through that final stretch of winter. Try adapting your living room according to these suggestions to live with winter just a little bit longer.

Bring Out Your Big Blankets
Having a cozy home starts with rounding up your blankets, pillows and throws and arranging them throughout the living room. Make your home feel more comfortable by pulling your furniture a few inches closer to the center of the room and lining each large piece with a blanket. This way, your room will feel just a tad smaller, making those cozy coffee chats with friends just a little bit warmer.

Just one blanket can make your living room seem much warmer.Just one blanket can make your living room seem much warmer.

Put Away the Patterns
You may be tempted to get out blankets and pillows with busy patterns, but these patterns can make your home seem cluttered. Try instead to use solid colors that go well together, like browns, blacks, whites and tans. Pick blankets in similar shades that can accent your solid colors. For example, if you've got a brown or beige couch, use a maroon heated throw to add dimension through the opposing colors. 

"Hit up Pinterest and search for the best DIY projects to complete with a friend."

Evaluate Your Lighting
The way you light your room can have a profound impact on how warm it seems. Overhead lights can make a room seem artificial and sometimes cold, so try instead to use lamps to illuminate the area. When it comes to these living room accessories, you've got a lot of freedom as far as style is concerned. If you're set on using an overhead light, use a dimmer to make the rays less pronounced. But if you've got lamps spread out in the room, mix up your shades and placements for optimal warming effects.

DIY Some Decorations
Arts and crafts are a great way to pass the time during the winter, especially if you're making some decorations for your home. These accessories can add an extra comfortable feel, as they place a personal touch on your home. Hit up Pinterest and search for the best do-it-yourself projects to complete by yourself or with some friends.