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Our Top Picks for the Classic Holiday Songs

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There are some people who spend all year long waiting for the first day of December - the day that they can finally start playing holiday music on repeat until the end of the month. These truly spirited seasonal "elves" would tell you it's impossible to pick a favorite Christmas song. The holidays mean something different to all, but it's safe to say that most people feel some sort of happy nostalgia as soon as they hear one of the many familiar jingles. Cue the record player and sing along to one, or all, of these picks for the top classic holiday songs.

Winter Wonderland
A song that's seasonal throughout most of the winter, this holiday classic immediately stirs up images of beautiful, white snow-covered cities and parks. Among others, this is one of the best songs to sing along to while you're cozy by the fire with loved ones, wrapped in one of your favorite heated throws.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town
It's hard not to get excited and feel like a little kid again when those familiar lines about the famous Mr. Claus start pumping through your car stereo on your way to work. A lively and upbeat melody that's always sung with a whole lot of rhythm and heart, this song will always be a fun classic.

I'll Be Home For Christmas
Covered by just about every artist in the music industry, this bitter-sweet Christmas song relates to anyone traveling home for the holidays. Capturing the essence of what the season is all about, this tune is best for that long drive home.

It's hard not to love the classic holiday songs.It's hard not to love the classic holiday songs.

Jingle Bell Rock
This rocking tune is a great holiday classic for all of your seasonal parties and gatherings. The lyrics and the instrumentals are sure to lighten the mood and have all your guests up and dancing together.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
An old classic, Rudolph is one of the iconic symbols of Christmas. Both the heroic character who saved the day on Christmas Eve and the accompanying melody are two things that will certainly go down in history.

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
You'll certainly hear this one throughout every store, coffee shop and holiday event this year. It's a great song to get you in the spirit and perfect for playing while doing your holiday wrapping, decorating and baking.

It's The Most The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
The title on this holiday classic says it all, happy holidays!