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What Your Bedding Says About You

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Your bedding may not feature words or images, but the throws you choose say a lot about you. Whether you're a fan of fancy blankets or a collector of comfortable sheets, there's a lot to be said about the items you use to cover your bed.

Next time you're rummaging through your linen closet to break out your favorite blanket for movie night, try to decide which of the following categories your bedding falls under. 

Fleece: Practicality Over Presentation
Fall is the perfect time to break out your fleece throws - camping trips, hunting excursions and bonfires are all rife with this type of blanket, as its undeniable warmth is ideal for an outdoor setting. If your closet is filled with fleece, you likely live an active life. Sports enthusiasts frequently stock their homes with these throws, as they can be easily ported along to a tailgate or outdoor game. 

Athletes may search for fleece throws with built-in heating - these options not only provide warmth from the plush fabric, but the electric heat flowing through the blanket can add an extra layer of pain relief for muscle cramps or aches. 

Fluff: Comfort Comes First
Searching through those soft blankets that make you want to curl up with a mug of cocoa as you watch reruns of your favorite television drama? Odds are, comfort comes before anything else when you're shopping for blankets, clothing or shoes. Soft and fluffy blankets are ideal for date nights where you want to cuddle with your significant other.

Your purchases are guided by your feelings, meaning you're more drawn to plush materials that can conform to your body while providing wrap-around comfort. An extra soft heated blanket likely has a permanent spot on your couch, situated right between your fluffy pillows.

Frills: Determined About Your Decor
If you're drawn to designs, frills and patterns, you enjoy channeling your inner-decorator whenever you shop. From the cut of your curtains to the texture of your tiles, your home is replete with high-quality appliances and decorations that are both pleasing to the eye and beneficial for all your visitors. 

When it comes to stocking your guest rooms, choosing the perfect bedding is a no-brainer. Paired with your classic and colorful comforter is a Royal Mink heated blanket, which will not only lull your guests to sleep in a cocoon of veritable warmth, but also provide a beautiful aesthetic addition to any room.