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7 Movie Night Must-Haves

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Sometimes it's a lot more fun to host your own movie night than head to the theater. You have the option of curling up on your couch, getting comfortable in your PJs and whipping up all your favorite snacks - not to mention, you can save a lot of money by recreating the experience at home.

Whether you're planning a fright fest with some friends or a romantic screening with your significant other, though, there are a few things you definitely shouldn't go without.

Here are some essential items for a memorable movie night.

  1. A Great Flick - Deciding which movie to watch can be tough in the face of varying tastes, interests or age groups. Start by choosing a genre that will please everyone involved, then narrow down the options by taking a vote. Of course, rom-coms are optimal for a night with the girls, while kid-friendly classics are safe bets when the little ones are participating. Look up reviews online ahead of time or get some input from friends to help you pick the best flick.
  2. Comfy Seating - Don't have enough couch space for everyone? Bring in chairs from other rooms, or set up a comfy spot on the floor for kids with bean bag loungers or a large array of pillows. 
  3. Delectable Snacks - What's movie night without snacks? Pop your own popcorn on the stove and add interesting toppings to spice things up, like garlic and parmesan or lime zest and chili powder. Better yet, set up a popcorn bar where attendees can fill their bowls and top them with their preferred ingredients. Have some sweet treats on hand too, like home-made chocolate bark with peanuts, pretzels and raisins.
  4. A Bevy of Beverages - Of course, you'll want to wash your munchies down with a refreshing drink. Serve flavored seltzers or sodas in plastic cups with lids and straws for a true movie theater experience. As an added bonus, spills will be a lot less likely.
  5. Disposable Dishware - The last thing you want to do after the movie ends is deal with a big mess. Opt for paper or plastic plates, cups, straws and napkins to cut down on the clean up time.
  6. A Cozy Blanket  - On a chilly evening, you'll be glad to have a heated throw on hand to shake off any chills. A machine-washable faux fur heated throw feels extra luxurious, especially in a dark walnut brown.
  7. Amazing Speakers - If your budget allows, it's worth it to splurge on a surround sound system. Affix the speakers to each corner of the room and you'll feel like you're in a real theater.