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4 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter Without Turning Up the Heat

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We may still be weeks away from blizzards and ice storms, but the temperatures have already begun to drop - and they won't stop anytime soon. While your heater will become your best friend in the dead of winter, there are a few ways to avoid those costly utility bills by finding more frugal ways to warm your home.

Instead of tweaking your thermostat this month, consider the following ways you can warm your house without putting the heat on your bank account.

1. Add Insulation to Your Floor
There's nothing more dreadful than waking up to the sharp chills that run up your spine after you've stepped onto a icy floor. The occurrence may be as wasteful as it is uncomfortable, according to The Huffington Post. Cold floors mean cool air is seeping through the surface, which may in turn lower the overall temperature of your home. Combat your cool floors by adding layers, whether those be rugs or heated throws

2. Keep Air from Entering (and Escaping)
The cracks in your floor are not the only ones that allow for the easy passage of air - poorly closed or insulated doors and windows may be more conducive to chilly breezes. To prevent these wintry blasts from wreaking havoc in your room, consider rolling towels and placing them at the base of your doors and windows. Alternatively, BBC News recommended purchasing curtains made of thick material, as these may be able to keep chilly breezes at bay.

3. Break Out Your Heated Blankets
Instead of relying upon your heater or radiator, use your favorite blanket to keep you warm. Unlike conventional heaters, your heated blanket can be turned on and off with ease - and it can effectively warm your personal space much quicker than your radiator, which may take several hours to become fully functional. These throws are especially beneficial when you're getting cozy on the couch or staying warm under your comforter.

4. Soak Up That Sun
The sun may be farther away during the winter months, but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of its warm rays. BBC News reported that during the day, you should keep windows that face the sun completely clear, leaving blinds and curtains open. This way, the natural heat can fill the room while you're at work. By the end of the day, your room will be much warmer than it would be had your window remained covered.