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4 Essentials of a Home Office

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Considering the comfort, convenience and reduced costs that come with telecommuting, it makes sense that more and more people are working from home. To get the job done, though, you need the right tools and supplies. Naturally, a functional desk and reliable computer will come in handy. However, there are several other home office essentials that may make a big difference in your motivation as well as your efficiency.

Whether you're starting your own business or your company has a work-from-home policy, here are a few items you should invest in to maintain a professional space that promotes productivity.

A Comfy Chair
A comfortable chair can make a big difference in your experience working from home, but it's a product that many people tend to skimp on. Selecting the right design may mean preventing back pain in the future, so it's definitely worth spending a little extra. Since you'll likely be sitting in it for long hours, look for a chair that offers optimal back and arm support, and other helpful features, like adjustable height or swivel capability.

There are plenty of ways to make a chair even more comfy, too. A soft fleece heated back and body pad, which can be strapped right to your office chair, provides continuous targeted pain relief and can minimize muscle stress.

Noise-Canceling Headset
Chances are, you'll probably be on the phone a significant amount while working from home. Holding the phone between your ear and shoulder can cause some serious discomfort in the long run - but that's where a headset comes in. You might want to choose one that has a built-in caller ID. More importantly, opt for a model with noise-canceling technology so you aren't distracted by noise while you're on an important call.

Coffee Maker
One of the best things about working from home is there's no need to wait in a long line for your cup of java during the commuter rush. You'll save a lot of time - and money - by making your own coffee right within your home. It's also ultra convenient to refill when you're in a late afternoon slump! Select a quality coffee maker with a timer that's easy to clean to make your morning routine that much simpler. 

Desk Lamp
Staring at a computer screen for long periods of time can lead to major strain on your eyes. Fortunately, you can ward off soreness by reducing glare. PopSugar advised turning off the bright overhead lights and using a small desk lamp instead. However, if you prefer having lights on above you, the source suggested constructing an anti-glare hood for your computer by framing your monitor with sheets of black cardboard.