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Ways to Make Your Living Room Extra Cozy for Winter

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You've no doubt broken out the hot cocoa mix and snowmen decorations to welcome the winter season, but there are other ways you can liven up your living room to make it seem much cozier in these chilly conditions. 

Whether you live in a small cottage or large four-bedroom home, your living room is one of the busiest rooms in your home - and it deserves a little TLC. Spruce up your space this season by following these simple design tips, ideal for living rooms both large and small.

Decide on Darker Hues
People often look for darker shades when they're trying to make a room seem more welcoming, as the deeper hues can make the space look smaller than brighter ones. HGTV reported that rich colors - like deep oranges and dark reds - can add instant warmth to a space. To make the room a bit more dynamic, consider adding a light shade to the walls as well. You could either line door frames and floorboards with a white or beige, or opt for a dual-toned pattern with a lighter shade on top and a darker one on the bottom. 

No matter which shades you choose, be sure to pick an equally warm heated blanket to accentuate the tones, like the Sunbeam® Queen Velvet Plush Heated Blanket in Cocoa

Opt for Ornate Additions
Another way to instantly revamp your living room without making expensive or time-consuming renovations is by adding large decorations to the space. Houzz reported that a great way to make your living room instantly more comfortable is by adding large potted plants throughout the space. Try picking two similar plants and placing them on either side of your room's largest eyepiece, whether that be a bay window or cozy couch.

Another way to add some class to your living room is by opting for simple decorations to fill up white space on walls. For example, if you've got a large space above your couch, arrange empty picture frames or a large yet simple art piece.

Craft a Festive Fireplace
If you've got a fireplace in your living room, don't hesitate to decorate it this season. Southern Living magazine recommended making the most of your mantel, picking garland or foliage made from similar tones found in the space. Keep the space simple by sticking with one large piece to place on the wall, whether that be a mirror, decoration or painting.