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6 Perfect Gifts for Your College Student

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Christmas is swiftly approaching, which means in addition to bringing out the garland, revamping your guest room and breaking out your grandmother's prized cookie recipe, it's time to start thinking about what gifts you'll be buying your friends and loved ones.

If you have a college student among the various individuals for which you need to purchase a present, you're in luck - while these millennials are likely to appreciate any gift they don't have to pay for, there are several options perfectly suited to college life.  

1. Tickets
Who doesn't love tickets? Whether you're purchasing a pair for your student's favorite band or giving him or her free admission to a museum near the dorm, you're guaranteed to strike gold with this gift. Be sure to get a set of tickets so your college student can bring his or her bestie along for the journey.

2. Heated Blanket
Dorm rooms can get chilly quick - especially during the winter - so invest in a high-quality heated blanket for your college kid. Opt for a blanket that's as soft as it is comfortable, like the Sunbeam® Twin Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket, which can fit on most dorm beds. 

3. Laundry Care Kit
First-time college students may be dealing with a variety of chores they may not have had to complete while living at home. Your college student may know how to do a load of laundry, but he or she would greatly benefit from a care kit that comes with the expensive yet necessary components, like detergent, dryer sheets and new towels. Don't forget to include a new hamper if your student requires one.

4. Gift Cards
Does your loved one buy coffee from the same cafe each morning? Save them a great deal of cash by giving them a loaded gift card, covering their morning coffee run for the next several weeks. 

5. Yearlong Membership 
College students sign up for many different services, from their favorite website that streams movies to the corner gym with the heated pool. This Christmas, cover a yearlong subscription to the service of their choosing - that way, you can be sure that your gift is useful and appreciated.

6. Outerwear
You can never go wrong with essential outerwear. From gloves, to scarves, to wool socks, your college student won't be able to deny the benefits provided by these warming accessories, especially since the dorms can get quite cold in the fall and winter months.