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5 Must-Haves for a Black Friday Campout

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Black Friday is coming soon. While many of your family members will spend the day after Thanksgiving enjoying those leftovers and gabbing with visiting relatives, there will be those individuals who've been gearing up for Black Friday deals since last November and will want nothing more than to camp out in front of their favorite stores. 

If you're thinking about setting up a tent in front of those stores that will be touting unbeatable promotions, consider this to be your ultimate guide to packing for your Black Friday campout. 

1. Collapsible Tent
You're only camping out for one night, but you need shelter. Depending on how many people are sharing your tent, you'll want to pick one that's big enough to accommodate your group, yet light enough to port in the store once it opens. If the weather is nice enough, you may be able to get away with a sleeping bag and heated throw, but odds are, you'll want a tent that can keep the rain, cold and critters out at night.

2. Nonperishable Food
Since you'll be sharing a sidewalk with many other shoppers, you won't want to bring along bulky cooking equipment that you'll just have to carry around all day. Opt for the basics, like granola bars, trail mix and dried fruits. You've just finished a Thanksgiving feast, so you shouldn't be too hungry during your campout, but you'll definitely want a midnight snack and energy-boosting breakfast before your shopping adventure.

3. Layers on Layers
While your loved ones sent you to the store with warm wishes, those won't do much for preventing chills at night. In addition to long sleeves and hoodies, you'll want to bring sweatshirts and outerwear that's comfortable enough to sleep outdoors in. 

4. Heated Blanket
Opt for layers and blankets that are made from a warm and comfortable material that can keep those harsh winter winds at bay this Black Friday. A fleece heated throw is the way to go, as it can keep you wrapped in delicious warmth through the wee hours of the morning. 

5. Entertainment 
Whether you're camping on your own or you've invited your best friend to join you, you'll want to bring along some portable entertainment items that will help pass the time in your tent. Consider packing a deck of cards, a book, a fully charged tablet or a music player. Alternatively, if you want to keep your bag light, research a few easy games you could play with your friends or fellow campers, focusing on those that don't require anything but a sharp mind and inviting personality.