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3 Ways to Make Your Own At-Home Spa

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Let's face it - you deserve a break. Instead of wasting time and money venturing over to a more expensive spa, bring the luxury to your own home this winter. 

If you're a big fan of do-it-yourself projects, this is the ideal way to put those creative skills to use - consider inviting your best friend or sister over so you can both enjoy a relaxing at-home spa together.

Looking to live it up in luxury? Be sure to keep the following in mind next time you're setting up your own spa at home.

1. Set the Smells
Smell is one of the body's strongest senses. Certain scents have been linked to strong emotions and memories, both of which can contribute to the relaxing atmosphere you're hoping to create with your at-home spa. The Social Issues Research Centre reported that sensations caused by smell - such as those brought about by vanilla, lavender or cinnamon - can evoke strong emotions in people, ranging from causing them to feel more relaxed to causing them to revel in the nostalgic memories from their pasts.

As you're setting up your spa, it's important to set out scents that you find comforting. Light candles, put out the potpourri and break out the bath beads that have these smells. Allowing your favorite scents to fill the entire area can spark a physical and emotional reaction that can further lead to stress reduction. 

2. Craft a Mani-Pedi Station 
No spa is complete without a nail station. Get out your favorite shades of red, pink and beige and treat yourself to an envy-worthy mani-pedi treatment. Don't forget to put your favorite show on before you start - you'll want to keep it playing as your nails dry. 

3. Relax With Your Heated Blanket
After you've lit your favorite candles, painted your nails and enjoyed a relaxing bubble bath, cozy up on your couch with your Sunbeam® King Velvet Plush Heated Blanket. Part of the appeal of your at-home spa is that you can take advantage of the comfy items you have in your house. Put on your favorite pair of flannel PJs, try out that facial mask you picked up at the beauty store and wrap up in your heated blanket as you watch your favorite TV series. Forget about the woes associated with work or school and escape for the afternoon at your at-home spa.