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6 Ways to Get More Color in Your Winter Decor

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You may be transported to a winter wonderland anytime you walk outdoors, but that doesn't mean the interior of your home has to reflect the same monochromatic scheme. This winter, forget about white walls and colorless decor - spruce up the shades around your home by following these tips this season.

1. Set Out Stylish Throws
Colorful throws can work wonders when it comes to adding comfort to a room. If you want a solid shade that pairs well with neutrals, opt for a Sunbeam® Microplush Heated Throw in Garnet. The deep shade of red is ideal for the holiday season, and acts as an even better piece when transitioning from fall to winter decor. 

2. Replace Your Lampshades
Looking for a low-key way to revamp your room without spending serious cash? Try switching out your lampshades. You've got two options when it comes to coloring your lamps - you can either purchase new shades to adorn your stands, or you can buy fabric to adhere to your existing ones. Either way, try to coordinate your lampshades with your curtains for maximum effect.

3. Consider Crystals
Crystals are a beautiful addition to any home, especially in the winter months. As the snow outside will be glittering and splaying colors outdoors, set crystal ornaments near your windows for the same kind of light effect. These decorations can catch sunrays and add a rainbow of shades to your room.

4. Pick Out Colorful Pillows
Buying new pillows is another great way to easily add more color to your room without spending too much money. If the walls and furniture in your living room are white or other light shades, opt for pillows with many different colors or patterns, as these can liven up the room. Alternatively, for a cozier touch, pick pillows in one solid, yet colorful, shade.  

5. Make the Most of Your Mantle
If your home has a fireplace, you've got to take advantage of this decorative mecca. A roaring fire itself will add pops of orange, yellow and red, but keep those colors active all the time, not just when the logs are lit. Adorn the mantle with colorful holiday decorations that will bring out the glints of color in your fire.

6. Coordinate Your Colors
According to Vogue magazine, deep, rich and colorful shades are in this winter. Reflect the colors of the season in your home by coordinating your choices. Try not to decorate with too many shades of the same color, as this may not look as stylish as one repeated color.